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The aim of the organisation is to advance the education of the public about the preservation of our world's natural environment, ecological sustainability, natural resource conservation, waste management, recycling, and the principles of Fairtrade within Wirral and the surrounding area.


Saturday 26 July, 10am-2pm
Open Day Bidston Recycling Park
Wallasey Bridge Road, Birkenhead CH41 1EB
Ever wondered what your household waste can be turned into?
Have you ever wondered what happens to your paper, cans, plastic bottles, cardboard and glass when they have been collected for recycling? Come along and discover all these things and more at our waste & recycling wonder open day.
For more information: 0151 651 3200

Farmers' Markets
Support local businesses and cut food miles by buying direct from local producers at Wirral's farmers' markets.
Wirral Farmers' Market
2nd Saturday of every month
West Kirby Farmers' Market
4th Saturday of every month.

Dust off your bicycle...
Free guided rides, cycling skills, bike maintenance & more www.wirralgroups.org.uk/cycle_hub.html

Local Health Walks...
Join a small friendly local group, and get going www.walkingforhealth.org.uk/walkfinder/north-west/wirral-walk


What is sustainability?
Sustainability is now a term used internationally to describe an approach to life that many believe to be mankind's only viable chance of avoiding the environmental disasters that now seem to be part of our future.
It is also a chance to reassert the value of social and environmental issues in a world that is becoming more and more materialistic and money orientated. It stresses that environmental issues are bound into social and economical ones, and are not to be considered as separate, or less important.

The Sustainable Life is one in which we meet our daily needs in a way that is within the carrying capacity of the Earths ecosystems, and that could be maintained indefinitely by our children. It is living off nature's interest, rather than her capital. It is to respect our resources, by minimising waste, reducing energy use, recycling materials, and cutting out excessive consumption. We dont need to starve ourselves, but rather change our present care-free attitude to resources and materials.
This website offers practical ideas for sustainable living.

Why live sustainably?
At local level:
- It would bring all the benefits of a clean and natural environment: better quality of life and health. Clean air, water, parks etc.
- Saving resources will save YOU money.
- Improving the environment is an essential part of rebuilding community spirit.
At global level:
- It is a life that has a future. Our present form of consumerism is unsustainable, neglects both our future and that of our children, and threatens global disaster. Much of Wirral's residential land is below sea level. If Global Warming causes the sea to rise enough, the 21st century could mean drastic changes for our peninsula.

The Sustainability Movement is an international one that is being subscribed to by governments and businesses all over the world. In 1992, 179 world states met at the United Nations' Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro to try to attack the issue of our relationship with our environment. They realised that environmental issues reach deep into economic and social ones: for example, that rising sea levels brought about from Global Warming will mean loss of land, property, huge expenses for flood defence, and great risk to health and lives. 

They had realised that our life-philosophy and idea of development must be reformed. Their term used to label this philosophy is Sustainable Development. The UK was, in fact, one of the first countries in the world to prepare a national Sustainable Development strategy

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